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Monday, January 27, 2014

From the mouths of babes...

A couple of weeks ago, we listed some of the comments from preschool visitors to Norman Rockwell's exhibition, Norman Rockwell: A Sixty Year Retrospective. Here are a few more observations from this astute group of art critics.

Freedom of Worship

"They don't want to be old anymore."
"It's a necklace. She took it off because it scratched." (referring to Rosary beads)

The Connoisseur

"It would be bad to eat."
"The man had fun painting it."

The Fireman

"It's only a picture of a picture."
"It's a fireman...he doesn't like it because it doesn't smell good."
"Those words [Rockwell signature] say 'No Smoking'."
"He can't put out that little fire."

It seems like they really enjoyed their visit.

Freedom of Worship
The Fireman
The Connoisseur

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