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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kids say the darndest things...

You never know what you might find around here.  Our archives assistant, Jenna, recently came across a list of comments by a class of preschool children.  They had viewed the exhibition Norman Rockwell: A Sixty Year Retrospective in 1973 at the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.  Here's what these kids had to say about a few of the paintings:
Portrait of Nixon

"That's President Lixon." (pronounced with an "L")
"We voted for President Lincoln."
"He's good because my mom and dad voted for him."

Freedom from Want

"It's Thanksgiving! But we didn't have turkey - we had cheese sandwiches and milk."
"They're drinking wine water." (white wine)

The Jester

"Those shoes are like Peter Pan."
"He's sad but his friend is happy.  Bat Man killed his friends."
"He has bells so he won't get lost."


The Jester
Portrait of Nixon
Freedom from Want
There you have it.  The four year old perspective.  More to come soon!


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